Raw Faith Film

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Raw Faith is an intimate and revealing documentary that follows two years in the private life of Marilyn Sewell, an outspoken and socially progressive Unitarian minister who has re-energized her Portland, Oregon community.

While serving a community that relies on her for wisdom and advice (on both personal and ethical issues), Marilyn struggles quietly with decisions about her own future. As she seeks to reconcile the commitments of her profession with a longing for intimacy and love, childhood memories of mental illness and alcoholism come back to the surface — and must be dealt with before she can move forward.

As Marilyn’s life unfolds in front of the camera (in real time), she shares her journey with remarkable candor, humor and increasing wisdom, ultimately leading her to an unexpected revelation of faith and love in all of its guises.


  • Best Feature Award at the 3rd Annual 2010 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.
  • Winner of the Nashville Public Television 2010 Human Spirit Award at the Nashville Film Festival.Watch an interview from the 2010 Nashville Film Festival…
  • Named one of the The Most Spiritually Literature Films of 2011 by Spirituality & Practice.

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