Marilyn Sewell developed a relaxed and engaging style as a public speaker during her 17 years as the senior minister at First Unitarian Church of Portland in Oregon. Since retiring from the ministry in 2009, Marilyn has traveled widely to preach and to  speak at conferences for a variety of audiences on a wide range of topics.

In addition to addressing subjects of faith, spirituality, and living with integrity, Marilyn is well qualified as a keynote speaker on leadership, ministry, social justice issues and activism, life transitions, women’s issues, and many other topics. She enjoys participating in panels and interviews and leading focused workshops on these same subjects. She has developed a popular workshop on writing memoir, and she also leads soul retreats from time to time.

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Extending the Conversation 1: Where Are We Now?
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2011 General Assembly, Composing Our Unitarian Universalist Future: Where Are We Now, What’s Possible, What’s Next?
April 8, 2011 – Boston, Massachusetts
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